Burlington County Farm Fair
To Our Fairgoers, Vendors, Entertainers, Volunteers and Staff

Sadly, we are announcing that our plans for the 2021 Burlington County Farm Fair have been cancelled.

On Monday, March 30, 2021, Governor Murphy indicated that the largest numbers allowed for outdoor gatherings is 200. We are hopeful that as the year progresses, this number will increase and we will be back to being a fully operational fair for 2022. Unfortunately, we will not be able to work within this number confine for this year. Our fair attracts many more attendees than that number each day.

Please understand this decision is a tough one to make. We fully support all of the people and families who take their time to make our fair happen. We are proud of the longstanding tradition of our fair. Rest assured, that while we may not be having our fair, the work to put the next fair on continues! There will be several new and improved areas for you to experience the next time we meet.

Thank you for your support and know we look forward to seeing you at the fair!

Abbey Goodenough
Abbey Goodenough
Hello everyone. Our 2019 Farm Fair Queen Abbey Goodenough posted the following on Facebook today, Wednesday April 29, 2020. I feel she did a great job of sharing her thoughts about our current situation and the cancellation of the 2020 Agricultural Fairs:

“With the cancellation of multiple agricultural fairs across New Jersey, and the uncertainty of the fate of others, I found it wise to utilize this historical time as the 2020 New Jersey Agricultural Fair Ambassador as a way to advocate.

Many people are upset, frustrated, or even angry at the cancellation of these fairs. While this is certainly not the way we all pictured the year playing out, we should still be respecting the decisions of of each and every fair, and appreciating all attempts made to please the public while still following proper safety precautions.

One of the many deciding factors that fair associations have been considering is the cancellation of all 4-H activities through the end of summer. Unfortunately, much of the public does not understand the beneficial impact that the 4-H and other agricultural groups have on such fairs. Without the celebration of county and state agriculture, the meaning and purpose behind New Jersey’s Agricultural Fairs would be lost. Sure, there may be rides and games, but the heart and soul of these fairs lies within the animal shows/ exhibits, the produce competitions, the dairy promotions, and all the other activities that allow the entire public to see the importance of agriculture first hand. These fairs don’t open annually just to be carnivals; they open with the intent of using carnival aspects to draw families into an agricultural and educational setting.

Of course, I was ecstatic to be touring these fairs this summer, just as the public was. But there comes a time when we need to put our disappointment aside and get excited for the future!

Ag fairs may be postponed, cancelled, or even virtual this year, but we can all look forward to the 2021 fair season. In times like these, we need to put aside our “the show must go on!” ideals and instead, consider and respect why the show must pause for the time being.

So instead of being angry or upset about these fairs' decisions, let’s celebrate agriculture every day, and be excited for 2021 where we will continue agricultural celebration in the form of our beloved county fairs!!”

Abbey Goodenough
2020 NJ Ag Fair Ambassador
2019 Burlington County Farm Fair Queen

The BURLINGTON COUNTY FARM FAIR ("The Family Fun Fair") is held on the beautiful Burlington County Fairgrounds in Springfield Township, NJ.

The 2021 Fair has been cancelled due to COVID restrictions.

The Burlington County Farm Fair, Inc. is a non-profit organization. Our mission is to promote agriculture, social life, and youth as well as educating the general public by conducting a yearly agricultural fair with exhibits, livestock, and farm products. Located on the beautiful Burlington County Fairgrounds in Springfield Township, NJ, the fair offers a variety of activities to the tens of thousands of visitors that attend each year.

Horses, cows, rabbits, chickens, sheep, goats and other animals are on display each day. Most of these are shown by 4-H members who hope their project animal will win a blue ribbon.

On Saturday farmers and State FFA members compete in dairy cow shows from 8:30am to 3:00pm in the South Show Tent. Visitors can also watch dairy cows being milked twice daily in the Milking Tent.

Daily horse shows, open to the public, are also a major attraction.

Old steam engines and antique farm equipment bring back memories for many. A very popular attraction is the tractor pull in a dedicated tractor pull arena.

Children can participate in becoming a Farmer for a Day in a special exhibit.

There are many more things to see and do at the Burlington County Farm Fair! Come on down and have some fun!

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