2018 Farm Fair Winners
Recycled Scarecrow Contest
1st Place Child – "Frankie" by Victor Weigle
2nd Place Child - "Extra Teamwork" by 21st Century Team Building
1st Place Adult – "Lenny the Lennar Scarecrow" by Lennar at Forge Mille
2nd Place Adult – "Recyclo the Scarecrobot" by the Baum Family

Congratulations to all!
2017 Farm Fair Winners
Farm Fair Queen Pageant
Queen - Jamie Specca
1st Runner Up - Lynnae Dotson
2nd Runner Up - Alexis Hutson

Equestrian of the Year
Burlington County Junior Equestrian of the Year - Mia Rose
Burlington County Senior Equestrian of the Year - Morgan Puglisi

Recycled Scarecrow Contest
1st Place Child – "Ghostly Skeleton" by Victor Weigle
2nd Place Child - "Charlie" by the Daley Family
1st Place Adult – "Betty the Bride" by Christie Neve
2nd Place Adult – "Charlie" by the Baum Family

Skillet Throw (18-29)
1st place - Lydia Aiello
2nd place - Tara Dunning
3rd place - Caitlin Mahan

Skillet Throw (30 and over)
1st place - Karen Endre
2nd place - Jenn Novak
3rd place - Debbie Barrows

Burlington County Dairy Princess
Calista Shontz

Burlington County Dairy Ambassador
Kylee Shontz

Children's Tractor Pull
5 to 6 year old - Carter Erlston
7 to 8 year old - Mitchel Mains
9 to 10 year old - Eveliyn Evans

Home Arts and Crafts Awards
Carolyn Spicer Achievement Award - Charles Tucker II
Barbara Hunter Needlework Bowl - Patti Tideman
Cramer Jersey Berry Bowl - Jeff Adda
Wm. Spicer Overall Award - Becca Fenstermaker
Gisella Bly Fine Arts Bowl - Sharon Moore
People's Choice (Hunter's Farm Market) - Sharon Moore
John Corey Award (Juvenile) - Emily Romano
Division 1: Knitting - Amy Bernhardt
Division 2: Crocheting - Carolyn Couter
Division 3: Weaving - Nora Hayden
Division 4: Quilting, Hand - Janet Hunter
Division 4: Quilting, Machine by Entrant - Becca Fenstermaker
Division 4: Quilting, Machine by Other - Tulia Ronda
Division 4: Quilting, Applique - Jean Robinson
Division 5: Needlework - Patti Tideman
Division 6: Sewing - Kelly Longstreet
Division 7: Fine Arts - Sharon Moore, Leon Jones, Ed Kent
Division 6: Woodworking, Furniture - Bob Emmons
Division 6: Woodworking, Accent Piece - Lee Joseph
Division 7: Crafts - Harry Everham III, Sue Makuka
Culinary Arts, Division 1: Pies - Cindy Fries
Culinary Arts, Division 2: Cakes - Sabra Jernigan
Culinary Arts, Division 3: Cookies - Sabra Jernigan
Culinary Arts, Division 5: Canned/Processed - Jeff Adda
Horticulture, F. Horticultural Challenge - Kathy Joseph

Congratulations to all!
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