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4‑H at the Farm Fair
Schedule and event changes will be updated as they occur. Please check this website for the most current information.

Come and visit the 4‑H exhibits as we join the Burlington County Farm Fair Association in presenting the fun and memorable experience of the Burlington County Farm Fair!

About the 4‑H Club

4‑H at the Fair

4‑H members showcase their clubs and projects in the 4‑H tents. The displays include sewing, arts and crafts, artwork, creative writing, woodworking, photography, and horticulture. Goats, sheep, a variety of small animals, and horses are all on display at the Fair.

For information about 4‑H clubs in Burlington County, and how you and your family can be part of the 4‑H fun, come and meet 4‑H leaders and members at the 4‑H Tent. Or contact Gloria Kraft, Burlington County 4‑H Agent, at 609-265-5052 or , or send mail to Gloria at Rutgers Cooperative Extension, PO Box 6000, Mount Holly, NJ 08060.

About 4‑H

When 4‑H was started, boys and girls were members of clubs which raised crops, livestock, and preserved foods. The main purpose was to transfer the research based knowledge from the land grant universities to the local community. Today, the 4‑H Youth Development Program continues to be a "learn by doing", research-based, educational experience for youth.

In addition to animal care and horticulture, new project activities include technology, drama, science, engineering, healthy living and photography. The resources of the New Jersey land grant university - Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey - provide support and educational opportunities to 4‑H youth as well as adult volunteers. Through the leadership of dedicated adult volunteers, youth develop leadership abilities, self-confidence, and life skills. These attributes prepare young people for the challenges of the 21st century. The 4‑H experience is available to all youth. 4‑H prohibits discrimination in all programs and activities on the basis of race, color, national origin, gender, religion, age, disability, political beliefs, sexual orientation, or marital or family status. Interested adults are invited to serve as volunteers making a difference.

4‑H Events

Tuesday - July 19, 2022
10:00am4‑H Meat, Fiber and Dairy Goat Show - North Show Tent
4:30pm4‑H Goat Exhibition and Obstacle Course - South Show Tent
5:00pmJr. & Sr. Equestrian of the Year Contest - North Show Tent

Wednesday - July 20, 2022
8:00am-12:00pmOpen Schooling Dressage Ring - Horse Arena
5:00pm4‑H Challenge of the Clubs - Horse Arena

Thursday - July 21, 2022
8:00amOpen English Horse Show - Horse Arena
11:00amAnimal Costume Parade - Fur, Feathers and Four Legged Friends Club - South Show Tent
5:00pmStudents of Arram Dawn Farm Exhibition - Horse Arena
5:30pmPollinator Protectors Butterfly Release - North Show Tent
6:00pmMeet the 4‑H Horse Clubs! - Horse Arena
6:00pm4‑H County Recognition - North Show Tent
7:30pmBurlington County 4‑H Cloggers - North Show Tent
TBDEvening Event TBD - Horse Arena

Friday - July 22, 2022
CANCELLEDOpen Western Horse Show - Horse Arena
CANCELLEDOpen Family Fun Game Night - Horse Arena

Saturday - July 23, 2022
CANCELLEDOpen Cloverbud Fun Day - Horse Arena
1:00pmKiss the Pig Contest, followed by 4‑H Small Animal Club Award Presentations - North Show Tent
CANCELLEDOpen Game Night - Horse Arena
Burlington County 4‑H Cloggers

Have you ever seen Burlington County's very own rhythmic dancing 4‑H Cloggers?

Having been around for almost 40 years, the Burlington County 4‑H Cloggers are the oldest clogging group in New Jersey. They are a wonderful group of 4‑H youth in grades K-12. The club is very active, performing locally and around the tri-state area at events, fairs, and many service oriented performances like nursing homes and senior citizen events. The members learn to improve their public speaking skills while announcing at performances, and develop their citizenship and leadership skills with the yearly community services projects they perform, all while having fun learning the art of Clog Dancing.

The Burlington County 4‑H Cloggers are supported by hard-working parents who take an active role in the club. Club members, leaders, and parents can all attest to the fact that Clogging is a terrific experience for these 4‑H'ers.

The Burlington County 4‑H Cloggers will perform at 7:30pm in the North Show Tent on Thursday, July 21, 2022.

Burlington County 4-H Cloggers
Horse Shows

Burlington County Farm Fair Open Horse Shows

July 19-23, 2022


  • An ORIGINAL negative Coggins test dated within 12 months of the show is required for every equine. It must be shown to the Show Secretary before you will be permitted to ride.
  • Equines must be at least 4 years old to show. Schooling of animals who are not registered participants in the show is not permitted. Unruly or unsound equines will not be permitted. Determination of same will be at the discretion of the judge and/or Show Committee. No stallions allowed.
  • All riders must be in grades 4 or above for all shows except Saturday morning Cloverbud show. Rider's grade in school is as of the 2021-2022 school year.
    • Senior: grade 9 to adult
    • Junior: grades 5‑8
    • Mini Stirrup: grades 4‑5
    • Short Stirrup: grades 6‑7
    • Beginner Rider: riders 4th grade and above in their first 2 years of showing (excluding lead line)
  • Riders must sign a release/waiver form before mounting (if rider is under 18 years old, form must be signed by parent/legal guardian – signatures from trainers, friends, siblings, etc. will not be accepted).
  • Proper tack and show attire is required for each discipline, unless stated otherwise. All riders must wear a properly fitted ASTM/SEI safety helmet with chinstrap securely fastened at all times when mounted.
  • Shows will be conducted in accordance with the 4‑H rules, regulations and Code of Conduct, which will be posted at the Secretary's booth. Decisions of the judge will be final. Should any questions or disputes arise, they will be referred to the Show Committee for resolution.
  • Classes may be canceled/combined at the discretion of the Show Committee and class lists may be modified as determined by the Show Committee.
  • The Burlington County 4‑H Horse Advisory Council, the 4‑H Youth Development Program, the Burlington County Board of County Commissioners, the Judges, the Show Committee and/or Burlington County Farm Fair will not be responsible for loss of or damage to property and/or accident and/or injury and/or death to horse, rider or spectator.
  • An open check or cash payment is required at time of registration.

Open Schooling Dressage Ring

Wednesday, July 20, 2022 - 8:00am‑12:00pm

  • Entry Fee: $20/test
  • No pre-registration required.
  • The show will be held in a standard large dressage arena.
  • Our judge will be available from 9am – 12pm. No ride times will be assigned or reserved. Riders shall present to the ring when ready and will be admitted to show on a first‑come, first‑served basis.
  • Riders may ride any current version of USDF/USEF/FEI test(s) of their choice.
  • Riders must supply 2 paper copies of the test(s) they wish to ride at time of registration.
  • Each horse/rider combination may ride up to 2 tests.
  • Riders may compete up to 2 horses.
  • Horses may be ridden by a maximum of 2 riders.

4‑H Challenge of the Clubs

Wednesday, July 20, 2022 - 5:00pm

  • This show is open to registered Burlington County 4‑H clubs only.
  • Entry Fee: $25 per 4‑H Club

  1. English Showmanship
  2. Western Showmanship
  3. Dressage Seat Equitation
  4. English Equitation
  1. English Pleasure
  2. Western Horsemanship
  3. Western Pleasure
  4. Leaders' Class (one leader or adult volunteer representing each club)

Open English Horse Show

Thursday, July 21, 2022 - 8:00am

  • Entry Fee: $15/class or $50 day rate
  • Classes may be canceled/combined at the discretion of the Show Committee.
  • Marshall Sterling classes $40/class
  • Fence Height:
    Small Ponies: 2'3"Horses: 2'9"
    Medium Ponies: 2'3"Low Hunter: 2'
    Large Ponies: 2'6"Schooling Hunter: 2'6

  1. Low Hunter O/F (Working)
  2. Low Hunter O/F (Handy)
  3. Low Hunter Under Saddle
  4. Pony Hunter O/F (Working)
  5. Pony Hunter O/F (Handy)
  6. Jr/Sr Pony Hunter Under Saddle
  7. Jr/Sr English Pleasure Pony
  8. Junior Equitation O/F
  9. Junior Equitation on the Flat
  10. Junior Horse Hunter Under Saddle
  11. Junior Pleasure Horse
  12. Senior Equitation on the Flat
  13. Senior Pleasure Horse
  14. Senior Horse Hunter Under Saddle
  15. Senior Equitation O/F
  16. Schooling Hunter O/F (Working)
  17. Schooling Hunter O/F (Handy)
  18. Schooling Hunter Under Saddle
  1. Horse Hunter O/F (Working)
  2. Horse Hunter O/F (Handy)
  3. Marshall Sterling Children's Hunter Classic
  4. Marshall Sterling Children's Medal
  5. Marshall Sterling Adult Medal
  6. Marshall Sterling Adult Classic
  7. Bit O' Straw Classic
  8. Marshall Sterling 2'6" Medal
  9. Mini-Stirrup Equitation (W/T)
  10. Mini-Stirrup Pleasure (W/T)
  11. Mini-Stirrup Figure 8 Test
  12. Short-Stirrup Equitation
  13. Short-Stirrup Pleasure
  14. Short-Stirrup O/F (4 fences)
  15. Short-Stirrup O/F (6 fences)
  16. Beginner Rider Equitation (W/T)
  17. Beginner Rider Pleasure (W/T)
  18. Beginner Rider Canter Test

Meet the 4‑H Clubs!

Friday, July 22, 2022 - 6:00pm

During this event, spectators will have an opportunity to learn about the Horse Project 4‑H Clubs in Burlington County! We'll showcase each club by introducing their leaders and bringing a few friendly horse ambassadors out into the ring for spectators to meet, pet, take photos, etc.! Come out and meet the 4‑H Clubs!

Open Western Horse Show


  • Entry Fee: $15/class or $50 day rate
  • Classes may be canceled/combined at the discretion of the Show Committee.

  1. Grooming & Showmanship (Junior)
  2. Grooming & Showmanship (Senior)
  3. Grooming & Showmanship (Beginner/ Mini/ Short)
  4. Novice Ranch Handling
  5. Open Ranch Handling
  6. Beginner Rider Horsemanship (Walk/Jog)
  7. Beginner Rider Pleasure (Walk/Jog)
  8. Mini Stirrup Horsemanship
  9. Mini Stirrup Pleasure
  10. Short Stirrup Horsemanship
  11. Short Stirrup Pleasure
  12. Junior Western Horsemanship
  13. Junior Western Pleasure Horse
  1. Western Pleasure Pony
  2. Senior Western Horsemanship
  3. Senior Western Pleasure Horse
  4. Beginner Rider/ Mini/ Short Trail
  5. Junior Trail
  6. Senior Trail
  7. Novice Ranch Horse Trail (Walk/Jog)
  8. Open Ranch Horse Trail
  9. Novice Ranch Rail Pleasure (Walk/Jog)
  10. Open Ranch Rail Pleasure
  11. Novice Ranch Riding (Walk/Jog)
  12. Open Ranch Riding
  13. Reining

Open Family Fun Game Night


  • Entry Fee: $15/class or $50 day rate
  • Classes may be canceled/combined at the discretion of the Show Committee.
  • English or Western tack may be used.
  • Attire: long pants, shirts with sleeves and boots. No sneakers, no tank tops.
  • Horse and rider must enter the ring unassisted at the walk or trot. Riders must wait for the gate to close before crossing the starting line.
  • A horse/pony may only be used once per class. No more than 10 classes per horse/pony.
  • Minis (VSEs) may be used in-hand for classes 1, 4, 5, 6, 8.
  • This show is intended to be a fun, family event. We ask our more competitive gamers to participate in our Open Game Night on Saturday, July 23, 2022.

  1. Most Creative Costume Contest
  2. Ride-A-Buck
  3. Musical Sacks
  4. Egg & Spoon
  5. Clementine Race
  6. Mailbox Race
  1. Teddy Bear Race
  2. Barrel Crawl
  3. Ribbon Race (partner)
  4. Baton Race (partner)
  5. Scurry Race
  6. Obstacle Race

Open Cloverbud Fun Day


  • Entry Fee: $25 day rate
  • Classes may be canceled/combined at the discretion of the Show Committee.
  • All riders will receive participation ribbons for each class and one participation award for the day.
  • Minimum age for riders is 3 years old. Maximum age is 3rd grade (during the 2021-2022 school year).
  • Horses may be used by 2 different riders.
  • English or Western tack may be used.
  • Cantering is not permitted on Cloverbud Day.
  • Attire: long pants, shirts with sleeves and boots. No sneakers, no tank tops.

  1. Egg & Spoon Race
  2. Teddy Bear Race
  3. Barrel Crawl
  4. Potato Sack Race (horseless)
  5. Barrels
  1. Pole Bending
  2. Scurry Race (with ground poles)
  3. Keg Race
  4. Obstacle

Open Game Night


  • Entry Fee: $15/class or $50 day rate
  • Classes may be canceled/combined at the discretion of the Show Committee.
  • English or Western tack may be used.
  • Attire: long pants, shirts with sleeves and boots. No sneakers, no tank tops.
  • Horse and rider must enter the ring unassisted at the walk or trot. Riders must wait for the gate to close before crossing the starting line.
  • A horse/pony may only be used once per class. No more than 10 classes per horse/pony.
  • This show is intended for our more competitive gamers!

  1. Ride-A-Buck
  2. Mailbox Race
  3. Ribbon Race (Partner)
  4. Scurry Race
  5. Baton Race (Partner)
  1. Keg Race
  2. Barrels
  3. Pole Bending
  4. Bow Tie
  5. Key Hole
Equestrian of the Year Contest

Every year at the Farm Fair, 4‑H Horse Project members may compete for the title of Burlington County 4‑H Equestrian of the Year. The winner is judged on equine knowledge and public speaking at an event held Tuesday, July 19, 2022, at 5:00pm in the North Show Tent. Judges select a Junior and Senior Equestrian of the Year. You are invited to learn more about our 4‑H members and their competence in the horse project. If you are interested in getting involved, feel free to ask any one of the volunteers at this event. New members are welcome.

Kiss the Pig!

The "Kiss the Pig!" event is sponsored by the Burlington County 4‑H Small Animal Advisory Council. Be sure to stop at the 4‑H Small Animal Tent and vote for the person you would like to see kiss a pig. During the Fair, jars with photos of the contestants will be on display. To cast your vote, drop a donation in the jar of your choice. The contestant with the most money in their jar will kiss the pig on Saturday, July 23, 2022 at 1:00pm in the North Show Tent. The money donated is used by the 4‑H Small Animal Advisory Council to provide support and equipment for the small animal clubs.

Animal Health Rules

State of New Jersey Department of Agriculture's Fair/Show Animal Health Recommendations, Regulations and Forms. This document can also be found on the New Jersey Department of Agriculture's website.

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